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Naming Ceremony


A Naming Ceremony for your baby, a child or even an adult is a ‘welcome’ into the wider family unit, circle of friends and the broader community. It is considered one of ‘Life’s Celebrations’.


As humans, we all identify with our name; we give it importance and meaning because it belongs to us. 


Celebrating this occasion is a wonderful opportunity for family

and friends to gather and for those people special in the life of the individual to be named to support and guide this person on their journey through life.


I would be delighted to help you to celebrate this wonderful event in your family member’s life by creating a meaningful and personalised ceremony. I have many ideas, and great many readings and poems for you to consider.


A souvenir Naming Certificate the will be presented for the special person and also, I have certificates for Godparents or ‘Guardians’ or others as required.


I would welcome your enquiry.


“Brian, thank you for a lovely service for Jack’s naming day. The sun was shining ................, Thank you for being a part of our wonderful day”.   Carissa and Mark


“Thank you Brian or such a wonderful naming ceremony for our beautiful girls. We are so pleased you were able to be our Celebrant again after your wonderful ceremony for our wedding.” Regards, Melissa and James


“Thank you for your delightful and meaningful ceremony for Ruby and Toby’s naming day. Everyone was so happy and it was a perfect day. Thanks again," Donna and Michael 


Renewal of Marriage Vows 



I am qualified for other ceremonies and celebrations – perhaps you are a couple who wish to re-affirm their marriage vows, or a couple wanting a commitment ceremony, a civil union or you require a baby naming.  

As a Wedding Celebrant I am qualified for other ceremonies and celebrations. Perhaps you are a couple who wish to re-affirm their marriage vows, or a couple wanting a commitment ceremony, a civil union.  

Many couples decide to renew their Marriage Vows on a significant anniversary, if this is you congratulations!  What a great opportunity to celebrate this wonderful milestone in your life and a great opportunity to refresh your commitment to each other.


Maybe you are a couple who had a simple civil marriage ceremony with little fanfare. Now you would like to re-dedicate yourselves with a

renewal of your marriage vows, this time in the presence of your family and friends with all the excitement of a wedding. 


You have perhaps added a family, or your nieces, nephews or grandchildren can all play a part in your celebration. Let me assist you to create your Renewal of Vows Ceremony just the way you want it, making it personal and relevant to you and your family and your guests.


I would welcome hearing from you.

“Hi Brian, thank you for helping us renew our marriage vows. It was great to have such a formal occasion with family and friends. It was like a ‘fresh new wedding’, thank you so much”.  Jia and Martin


“Hi, Ada and I want to say thank you for your wonderful ceremony for our renewal of our vows. We had married earlier in the Registry Office” and our new ceremony was just great.

Thank you, thank you”. Ada and David. 


“Brian, we were so happy to have you as our Celebrant for our ceremony. Your attention to our every need was great and the day was such a great memory”. Selina and Roger



Commitment or Civil Union Ceremony



A Commitment Ceremony or Civil Union is a celebration of a couples’ public affirmation of their love and commitment to each other. 


It is for couples believing in their genuine commitment to each other, not requiring the legal institution of marriage to make it official. There are many wonderful men and women as couples who either cannot legally marry or do not want the legal institution of marriage. 


It also helps those who are unable to be joined legally in marriage, particually same sex couples who want to celebrate their commitment to each other with their family and friends. I believe everyone is entitled to happiness. 



As a Wedding Celebrant, let me design your meaningful ceremony to celebrate your love and commitment to a shared future. It will be written according to your preferences, including bonding rituals, such as a ‘Tying the Knot’ or Rose Ceremony, with appropriate readings, poems and a blessing. 


I would welcome your enquiry.


“We cannot thank you enough for your wonderful service in giving us a ceremony that was appreciated by everyone. Having a Commitment Ceremony allowed us to publicly show our love and dedication. Thank you again Brian”. Kellie and Brett


“Brian, we greatly appreciated all your dedication in providing us such a memorable ceremony for our Civil Union”. Thank you so much, Warren and Kevin


“Thank you Brian for helping us have a Commitment Ceremony before our Wedding. We had not realised the time required for marriage and our guests were not disappointed as it was a wonderful ceremony”. Henry and Hye

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